Training Need Analysis

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TNA helps employers check the SAS skills of their employees based on the job role they are performing in the organization. It helps the organization forecast the training requirements.

Primarily designed to address in a systematic, low maintenance way the training needs of technical teams in an organisation.

  • Through the use of tests / exams the current level of expertise of each member of the team can be measured, i.e. before the training, during the training and after the training.
  • Each test is designed with team members job roles, i.e. questions are selected from a question bank, that is comprised of modules and topics covered for specific job roles.
  • The expertise levels of each candidate is hence measured module-wise and topic-wise according to their job roles.
  • Recommendations for propelling the candidates to the next levels are made through the solution based on the current expertise levels
  • Post training exams are used to measure the impact on each candidate of the training