Basic Programming in R and Python

It focuses on R & Python programming and how to write, compile & debug open source codes

Duration 2 Days
Certificate SAS Global
Language English

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Course Description

Introduction to R

  • Installation of R-Studio,
  • Packages in R, Installing Packages,
  • Setting Directories

Introduction to Python

  •  Installation of Python
  •  Packages in Python, Installing Packages,

Basic Operations in R

  •  Programming Language Basics,
  •  Scalars, Vectors, Simple Calculations Data Structure,
  •  Data Frames, Exercise/Case Study

Basic Operations in Python

  •  Programming Language Basics,
  •  Numbers, Strings Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples Files,
  •  Exercise/Case Study


Data manipulation in R

  •  Data Acquisition (Import & Export),
  •  Sub-setting observations, Subsetting variables,
  •  Conditional Processing,
  •  Missing Values, Merging and Concatenating Datasets,
  •  Transforming Variables, Renaming and Recoding Variables, Exercise/Case Study

Data Manipulation in Python

  •  Conditional Processing,
  •  Loops, Iterations and other iterative processing,
  • Functions, arguments and modules in Python
  •  Transforming Variables, Exercise/Case Study


  •  Popular Python Packages/Libraries
  •  Overview of Python application in analytics industry

About Program

About Python:

This course is designed for learners of Python. Emphasis will be placed on programming. Students of this course should have a basic knowledge of plotting, manipulating data, iterative processing, creating functions, applying functions on applications like excel or SAS.

Format of Training

Taught by certified instructors at High-Tech facilities across the country:

  • A SAS expert at your side.
  • Focused learning away from the office
  • Networking opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Electronic course notes downloadable to your device and permission to print
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  • We offer Connected Classes! Watch for courses in Cary, New York, Arlington, Dallas and San Francisco that connect remote students via our Live Web classroom.


 Any programming background is appreciated but not mandatory.