SAS Platform Administration: Metadata Administration

This course teaches students how to administer the SAS Metadata Server and the initial authentication process.

Duration 3 Days
Certificate SAS Global
Language English

Fees 2000

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About Program

This course teaches students how to administer the SAS Metadata Server and the initial authentication process. Students learn how to secure the SAS Intelligence Platform and the content that it contains and how to identify and administer the different types of users. Students also learn to identify and establish various security techniques, secure data and other shared content, and troubleshoot metadata security.

This course can help prepare you for the following certification exam(s): SAS Platform Administration for SAS 9.

Format of Training

Taught by certified instructors at high-tech facilities across the country

All the benefits of the classroom without the travel

  • Join the classroom right from your desktop
  • Led by an expert instructor who can virtually look over your shoulder
  • Ask questions and get answers in real-time
  • Access the latest software via a virtual lab
  • Receive 20 business days' access to a recording of your course
  • Discuss, share, exchange ideas with participants from different countries

Training Features


  • administer and view SAS metadata through the SAS folder structure
  • use the metadata server backup facility
  • register users and groups programmatically
  • create and use internal accounts
  • create and use metadata roles
  • create and apply ACTs
  • secure access to SAS data
  • secure access to RDBMS data
  • secure access to information maps
  • secure access to OLAP data
  • secure reports
  • secure users and groups, servers, and ACTs
  • move metadata.

Course Curriculum

Reviewing the SAS Platform

  • exploring the SAS Platform
  • exploring the platform architecture
  • reviewing platform administration tasks
  • exploring SAS Environment Manager

Understanding SAS Metadata and the Metadata Server

  • exploring the SAS Metadata Server and metadata repositories
  • exploring SAS metadata objects
  • backing up the SAS Metadata Server

Understanding Initial Authentication and Administering Users, Groups, and Roles

  • exploring initial authentication to the metadata server
  • administering users and groups
  • exploring internal accounts and internal authentication mechanisms
  • administering roles and administrative identities

Securing Metadata

  • reviewing metadata security
  • exploring metadata permissions and ACTs
  • customizing SAS folders

Establishing Connectivity to Data Sources

  • registering libraries and tables in metadata
  • setting up data access

Exploring Ongoing Administration Tasks

  • updating SAS software

Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course

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