Text Analytics Using SAS Text Miner

This course describes the functionality of SAS Text Miner software, which is a separately licensed component that is available for SAS Enterprise Miner.

Duration 2 Days
Certificate SAS Global
Language English

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Course Description

Statisticians, business analysts, and market researchers who incorporate free-format textual information in their analyses; managers of large document collections who must organize and select documents using data mining; students of data mining who want to learn about text mining

About Program

This course describes the functionality of SAS Text Miner software, which is a separately licensed component that is available for SAS Enterprise Miner. In this course, you learn to use SAS Text Miner to uncover underlying themes or concepts contained in large document collections, automatically group documents into topical clusters, classify documents into predefined categories, and integrate text data with structured data to enrich predictive modeling endeavors.

This course can help prepare you for the following certification exam(s): SAS Text Analytics, Time Series, Experimentation and Optimization.

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Before attending this course, you should have experience using SAS Enterprise Miner to do pattern discovery and predictive modeling, or you should complete the Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner course.

A three-day version of this course contains the appropriate introductory material for using SAS Enterprise Miner. For the three-day course, you should also

  • be acquainted with Microsoft Windows and Windows-based software
  • have at least an introductory-level familiarity with basic statistics and regression modeling.

Previous SAS software experience, especially SAS Enterprise Miner, is helpful but not required. This course uses SAS Text Miner 13.1 and SAS Enterprise Miner 13.1.

This course addresses SAS Text Miner, SAS Text Analytics Common Components software.

Training Features

  • process textual data and show how it can be used in predictive modeling and exploratory analysis
  • convert unstructured character data into structured numeric data
  • explore words and phrases in a document collection
  • cluster documents into homogeneous subgroups
  • find documents most closely associated with a word or phrase
  • find words or phrases most closely associated with a document
  • identify topics in a document collection
  • classify documents based on derived or user-supplied topic definitions
  • extract a subset of documents with term-based and string-based query filters
  • use textual data to improve predictive models.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner

  • data mining and text mining
  • working with data sources
  • using SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner

Overview of Text Analytics

  • using the Text Import node, adding a target variable, and comparing models
  • a forensic linguistics application
  • information retrieval

Algorithmic and Methodological Considerations in Text Mining

  • methods for parsing and quantifying text
  • dimension reduction with SVD

Additional Ideas and Nodes

  • some predictive modeling details
  • Text Rule Builder node
  • High Performance (HP) Text Miner node


  • methods for parsing and quantifying text
  • dimension reduction with SVD


Each exam challenges candidates to apply specific knowledge they have acquired through SAS software training and/or job experience. Computer-based in format, SAS Global Certification exams comprise multiple-choice and/or short-answer questions, depending on the exam. Exams are generally scheduled through Pearson VUE but are also held at various locations around the world on a pre-scheduled basis. Candidates are allotted varying time limits to complete the exam, depending on which exam is taken. Specific exam content and passing criteria are located within each exam. To encourage your feedback, SAS Global Certification exams include a feature that allows candidates to comment on specific test questions. Your opinions are important to us and are a critical component in test development. Additionally, SAS Global Certification requires candidates to accept the terms of the SAS Institute Inc. Certification Program CandidatCancele Agreement before taking a certification exam.

Short-answer questions require you type your answer in a text box, rather than select your answer from four options. Typically, you will provide a numeric answer or a short section of SAS programming code. When entering code, case is ignored, and all variations of SAS syntax that correctly complete the program are accepted as correct.

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